Sunday School is at 10 am on Sundays.

We have classes for each age group. Below are those classes and their locations.

Children Ages 3-4 and Children K-2nd grade

Teacher: Teresa Walker and Rosha Layfield (3-4); Jane Jones and Samantha Thompson (K-2nd)

Location: The first two rooms on the left upon entering the Family Life Center.

3rd-6th Grade

Teacher: Leslie Cromer and Donna Ross

Location: The office building (the left of campus). Enter the door and turn right. The room is on the other side of the choir room.

7th-12th Grade

Teacher: Karla DuVall and Amy Henderson

Location: The Pastorium

Young Adult (High School Grads, College, Singles, and Young Couples)

Teacher: Pastor Aaron Frasier and Adrienne Frasier

Location: The Office Building. Enter and turn left. The room is on the other side of the church office.

Adult 1

Teacher: Clint Thompson and Kyle Jones

Location: The first door on the right upon entering the Family Life Center.

Adult 2

Teacher: Dorothy Layfield and Rod Griffin

Location: Inside the Old Social Hall (The building connected to the right of the sanctuary)

Adult 3 (Senior Adults)

Teacher: Kirby Jones and Buddy Clements

Location: Classroom right outside of the sanctuary. (Come through the sanctuary and go into the hall to the right of the stage)