Visiting a church for the first time can be overwhelming in a lot of ways. You have a ton of questions of what is appropriate here and how they do things. Allow us to answer some of your questions ahead of time.

What time is your service?

Morning worship begins at 11:00 am. Sunday School precedes it. We have an evening worship service at 6:00 pm.

How long does the church service last?

Our service should end around noon, though it may go over just a few minutes.

What do people wear to the service?

We have a good mixture of people dressing casually and others dressing in more traditional church clothes.

Is childcare available?

Yes. Our childcare is free of charge and safe for the children. We have a nursery which you can take your newborn to before the service. Children, age 3 thru 2nd grade, are dismissed during the service for children’s church.

Will I be singled out in the service?

No. We will not single you out by asking you to stand, wear a name tag, or anything else that might make you feel uncomfortable. We hope you feel welcomed in our church rather than uncomfortable.

Will I be pressured to give money?

We take up an offering during the service, but you will not be pressured to give. Giving is expected of our members, not our guests. We’re so grateful you have come to join us.

What can I expect of the music?

We primarily sing hymns from the Baptist Hymnal. We occasionally do songs with lyrics on a projector screen.

What can I expect of the preaching?

Our pastor primarily preaches through books of the Bible. Each Sunday, he will open to the next passage of the book he is preaching, read it, explain it, and apply it to our lives in today’s context.

What Sunday School Options are Available?

We currently have 5 Sunday School classes. We have a Senior Adult class. We have two adult classes, one for ages 35-50 and another for ages 50-Seniors. We have a youth class and a children’s class. In the fall, we will be launching a class for people in their 20s.


When you visit us, we would love to have a record of your visit and be able to follow up with you. In the pew rack where you are sitting, there should be a welcome card. If you would, fill that out and drop it in the offering plate when the offering is taken up. They will be given to our pastor to follow up with you.